True Presence® now available

The first true presence detector.

Welcome to the new era in building sensor technology! Revolutionary True Presence® technology is based on ultra-sensitive high-frequency measurement and delivers absolutely reliable information on human presence or absence. The True Presence® sensor range impresses with understated design as well as high-quality detection performance.

Programmed to detect human breathing patterns

True Presence® detects micro-movements

True Presence® technology reports human presence as soon as breathing patterns are detected. And does so regardless of whether the person present is sitting, reading, resting or sleeping.

Saving energy in buildings

Helps to save energy costs

True Presence® sensors only require a minimal stay-ON time, saving the maximum amount of energy. Knowing true presence also makes it possible to avoid inadvertent triggering and save further costs.

7 senses for KNX

True Presence®

Mounted at a height of 4m, True Presence can cover an area of up to 64 sq.m.


Reliable measurement of room temperature from 0 - 40 °C


Relative humidity is measured to one-percent accuracy from 0-100%


Light-level measurement from 2-1000 lux


Measurement of volatile carbon particles in the air from 0-1000 ppm

Air pressure

Hydrostatic pressure in the measurement range from 300-1200 hPa


Carbon-dioxide content in room air in a concentration from 300-5000 ppm

This is what KNX experts say

Given the way it works, it is streets ahead of any detector currently available on the market in terms of presence detection sensitivity. And in conjunction with reach restriction and its appealing look, this detector will, I think, become the new reference for presence detectors!
Frank von Breitenbach Innovation Consultant and KNX expert Frank von Breitenbach Innovation Consultant and KNX expert

The new benchmark in presence detectors

Ideal für KNX-Integratoren

Flexibility for KNX integrators

True Presence® gives KNX integrators a wealth of different options.

Ideal für Installateure

Simplicity for electrical fitters

True Presence® makes child's play of installing, interconnecting and putting sensors into operation.

Ideal für Planer

Ideal basis for planners

The Dali interface makes True Presence® easy to plan.

Building sensor technology on a new level

True presence with up to 7 senses for KNX

Use the innovative capabilities of True Presence® detection and of the further sensor variables for more intelligence in your projects/buildings. Using several of the sensor variables from the Multisensor opens up new possibilities in building automation.

True presence with up to 7 senses for KNX

Interconnection is extremely easy – without any wiring chaos

True Presence® makes the work of electrical fitters much easier and far more satisfying. Straightforward and effortless configuration via Bluetooth in particular reduces work input. Interconnecting several Steinel Bluetooth products involves none of the bother of having to lay cables either. And the magnetic sensor heads also speed up the installation of sensors on the construction site.

Interconnection is extremely easy – without any wiring chaos

Maximum flexibility for new Dali functions

Experience the most advanced system on the market and benefit from maximum flexibility given by practical Bluetooth connectivity. Everything is incredibly easy to configure and can be adjusted whenever necessary without any problem whatsoever. Added to this are innovative Dali functions which give you, as a planner, fantastic new options.

Maximum flexibility for new Dali functions


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